HPE Msr3012 Ac Router

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The HPE MSR3000 Router Series delivers high-performance medium to large branch routing up to 5 Mpps in a cost-optimized form factor. Featuring integrated routing, switching, security, and SIP with no additional licensing, you can boost your service delivery while simplifying management of your corporate WAN.

With the Open Application Platform module, the MSR3000 Router Series offers a wide range of virtualized applications. Its distributed architecture and high reliability also strengthen the resiliency of medium to large branches.

What's new

  • Enhances security with built-in IPS and stateful firewall, with optional HPE IPS filter subscription.
  • WAN survivability with 4G LTE SIC modules, and flexible power options.
  • New Serial, GbE and Gig-T SIC modules increase configuration flexibility.
  • High-density voice modules and channelized POS access to cover.
  • Additional features such as ADVPN and hierarchical QoS.


Reduces Complexity and Simplifies Your Network

The HPE MSR3000 Router Series simplifies your network through integrated routing, switching, security, and voice, and combines the flexibility of modular upgrades to deliver high-performance medium-to-large branch routing.

Makes administration easier with HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Software.

Reduces management complexity with zero-touch deployment (ZTP) and Dynamic VPN.

Enhances Time to Service and Branch Performance

The HPE MSR3000 Router Series offers high performance routing with up to 5 Mpps forwarding and 3.3 Gbps of IPSec encryption throughput to meet bandwidth requirements of branch traffic.

Supports branch services with a comprehensive feature set and eases the cloud transition with integrated security.

Satisfies medium to large branches with advanced hardware architecture and high port density.

Increase Your Return on Investment

The HPE MSR3000 Router Series is a modular platform with a wide range of connectivity options that enables the right design for your needs.

Reduces your TCO through open standards, power and space savings, and energy-efficient hardware.

Deploy advanced features with no additional licensing.

Boosts Agility and Resiliency

The HPE MSR3000 Router Series provides branch service and business continuity with 4G/LTE and 3G WAN.

With the Open Application Platform module, support HPE AllianceOne applications such as WAN acceleration and Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync).

Delivers an open standards approach to your network infrastructure.

With advanced hardware architecture and FPBA modules, you get reliable, high-performance functionality with multi-core processors.




  • Router with 3 1000BASE-T ports and 1 SFP slots
  • 1 HMIM and 2 SIC module slots
  • 1 voice processing module slot
  • 4-core 1 GHz processor
  • 2 GB DDR3 default.


  • (1) HMIM slot
  • (2) SIC slots
  • (3) RJ-45 1000BASE-T ports
  • (1) SFP fixed Gigabit Ethernet SFP port


  • up to 2.6 Mpps

Routing table size

  • 200000 entries (IPv4)
  • 200000 entries (IPv6)

Wireless capability

  • 3G, 4G LTE, 4G
  • Depending on options and configuration

Input voltage

  • 100 - 240 VAC, rated (depending on power supply chosen)

Power consumption

  • 100 W (maximum)

Heat dissipation

  • 127 BTU/hr (133.98 kJ/hr)

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

17.32 x 18.9 x 1.74 in


15.76 lb

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