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With high-torque motors designed for DSLR, mirrorless and cinema payloads of up to 4.5KG, the DJI RS2 is a versatile 3-axis gimbal engineered to help you achieve silky smooth cinematic footage easily. The RS2 features a 12-hour battery life, NATO ports, a new and improved balancing procedure with gimbal locks and carbon fibre construction.

What’s special about the RS2? Why not just shoot handheld?

The DJI RS2 provides unfakeable motorised gimbal stabilisation that simply can’t be replicated when shooting handheld, no matter how stable your hands are. The 3-axis gimbal evenly distributes weight, lightening your load and making extended shooting sessions easier. Plus, the RS2 is packed full of unique features including ActiveTrack 3.0 that creates dynamic footage. And, when you’re ready, RS2 integrates with car mounts, jibs, sliders and more to capture exciting videos that are simply impossible with handheld camera solutions.

What's new?

▪ Support for larger, heavier cameras with a 4.5KG maximum payload capacity

Axis locking mechanisms to make balancing easier and more efficient 

1.4” full colour touchscreen for convenient control at your fingertips

NATO-compatible RSA ports for third-party accessories and setups

12 hour battery for all-day shooting.


Light, Powerful Design.

With a unique carbon fibre design, RS2 achieves incredible strength without the weight. The RS2 weighs just 1KG, perfect for extended use, plus, with a 4.5KG maximum payload capacity, the RS2 sports the best weight-to-payload ratio in the industry.

Convenient Controls.

An all-new integrated 1.4” full-colour touchscreen provides easy access controls whilst shooting. Save the hassle of using your smartphone and control ActiveTrack 3.0, adjust settings and more from the RS2 touchscreen.

Cinematic Stability.

The advanced DJI Titan Stabilisation algorithm is designed to deliver cinema-standard stability every single time. Use SuperSmooth mode to eliminate even the tiniest of micromovements for complete stability, even with large zoom lenses.

Master Your Shots.

Time Tunnel
Combine Roll 360 with hyperlapse to twist the fabric of space and time.

Create stunning ultrawide images with intelligently stitched panoramas.

Capture choreographed shots with ease by tracking a repeatable movement path.

Dexterous Design.

Mounting Plate
A dual-layer Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss mounting plate system make camera compatibility easy.

Balancing Knob
Dial-in the perfect balance for your payload with fine-tune balancing knobs for ultimate accuracy.

Axis Locks
Lock gimbal arms in place for easier, more efficient balancing, one axis at a time.

Multi Scenario Shooting

Designed to adapt to your environment, use RS2 to achieve your creative vision with NATO-compatible RSA ports for easy integration with third party mounts and accessories. Easily mount RS2 on cars, jibs, sliders and more!

Camera accessory type Gimbals & stabilisers
Content creator product Yes
Content creator product group Gimbals
Manufacturer's warranty 1 Year

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