HP Lto4 Ultrium 1.6Tb Data Tape

by HPE
SKU C7974A
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1.6 TB; Compressed 2:1; Supported
Media capacity compressed
1.6 TB
Media labeling
Write-on Labels in box
Media capacity native
800 GB
Bit density
343 kbits/inch
Data tracks
Tape width
0.49803 in
Tape width
12.65 mm
Media durability
1,000,000 passes on any area of tape, equates to over 20,000 end to end passes/260 full tape backups
Media format
Tape length
820 m
Base material
Metal Particle
Tape thickness
6.6 um
Drive compatibility
Storage Media Compatibility Matrix
Drive compatibility url
Magnetic coercivity
2600-2750 Oe
Read speed, media
240 MB/sec
Recording technology
LTO-4 Ultrium
Archival life
30 years
Day-to-day storage temperature 60° to 90° F (16° to 32° C)
Operating maximum wet bulb temperature 79° F (26° C)
Storage humidity 20 to 60% (Archival)
Count of carton in pallet 960
Pallet weight 331 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 4.37 x 4.45 x 1.1 in
Color Green

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