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The 95P4436 LTO Ultrium 4 Data Cartridge from IBM is a tape cartridge for the LTO Ultrium Generation 4 storage environments. It provides 800GB storage physical capacity (1.6TB with 2:1 compression). Data that is encrypted by LTO Ultrium 4 drivers can be stored on this media to securely maintain data integrity. Higher capacity per volume requires less library cartridge capacity and helps reduce backup windows by requiring less volume mounts. This cartridge is designed to help improve read/write reliability by storing IBM's statistical media read/write analysis on every use of the cartridge when used with IBM LTO tape drives, and to adhere to widely supported Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium design specifications.

The cartridge is embedded with an LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) chip, which is designed to enable fast, simultaneous transfer of cartridge-dependent data with IBM tape drives during media load and unload cycles. The green cartridge color helps distinguish it from previous generations of IBM LTO Ultrium Media.The LTO Ultrium 4 Data Cartridge can be used in products featuring LTO Generation 4 tape technology.

800GB (1.6TB with 2:1 Compression) Tape Capacity
Reduces manual intervention for tape operations, saving your IT staff time
Reduces the physical storage space needed for backup cartridges
Rigorous Testing and Optimization
Designed to withstand the demands of everyday use
Maximized performance in IBM LTO tape drives
IBM's Statistical Media Read/Write Analysis Stored on the Cartridge
Improved read/write reliability to help assure your data is protected
LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) Chip
Fast sharing of cartridge-dependent data with tape drives
Speeds up load and unload cycles
Green Standard Cartridge Color
Distinguishes the cartridges from previous generations of IBM LTO Ultrium cartridges
Adheres to the Linear Tape-Open Standard
Cartridge can be used in products featuring LTO Generation 4 tape technology
Cartridge continues to provide value as your storage needs and infrastructure grow

Tech Specs

Compressed Capacity 1.6 TB
Uncompressed Capacity 800 GB
Compression Rate 2:1
Rewritable Yes
Tape Length 2690' / 820 m
Tape Thickness 6.6 µm
Magnetic Coercivity 2710 Oe
Material Metal Particle
WORM Support Yes
Operating Temperature 50 to 113°F / 10 to 45°C
Operating Humidity 10 to 80%
Storage Temperature 61 to 95°F / 16 to 35°C
Storage Humidity 20 to 80%
Archive Temperature 61 to 77°F / 16 to 25°C
Archive Humidity 20 to 50%
Dimensions (W x H x D) 4.2 x 4.0 x 0.9" / 101.6 x 106.7 x 22.9 mm
Weight 0.4 lb / 0.2 kg

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