HP 1Tb 6G Sata 7.2K 2.5In Sc Mdl HDd

by HPE
SKU 655710-B21


Do your servers need reliable, economical, high capacity Midline hard drives for your growing storage workload needs? HPE Server Midline Hard Drives deliver the highest capacity, performance and reliability to your datacenter applications. Midline hard drives allow you to store more data without sacrificing performance or reliability; they are ideal to store all your bulk storage requirements. HPE Server Midline Hard Drives are available in both 3.5-inch Large Form Factor (LFF) and 2.5-inch Small Form Factor (SFF) and ship with a standard one-year warranty. All HPE hard drives pass a rigorous qualification process, which certify that every drive is proven to perform in your HPE ProLiant Server environments. Before final certification, all HPE Server Midline Hard Drives are optimized for compatibility and functionality, including support of SMART and HPE Systems Insight Manager.

What's New

12 TB 7.2K SATA LFF 512e Helium Midline Hard Disk Drives


Designed and Engineered to Provide High Capacity and Reliable Secure Storage
HPE Server Midline Hard Drives are ideal for the growing volume of digital content, bulk data storage, cloud and web infrastructure environments.
Broad portfolio of optimized solutions provide up to 12 TB of storage, and growing in a single device.
Rotational Vibration Sensors deliver enhanced rotational vibration tolerance that provides enterprise class reliability in midline drives.
Available in 2.5-inch Small Form Factor (SFF) and 3.5-inch Large Form Factor (LFF) in a wide variety of capacity points.
Prevent unauthorized access to your data with HPE Digitally Signed Firmware. It provides the security and assurance that drive firmware comes from a trusted source and protects against malicious attacks.
Support Entry/SMB servers with value priced drives
HPE Server Midline Hard Drives have lower start-up costs without sacrificing reliability at the lowest $/GB.
Non-mission critical hard drives at the lowest $/GB.
6 Gb/sec data transfer rate to support existing servers.
Capacity : 1 TB
Interface : SATA
Capacity (facet) : 500 GB - 1 TB
Capacity (faceturl) : 500-gb-1-tb
Carrier type (facet) : Smart Carrier (SC)
Carrier type (faceturl) : smart-carrier-sc
Form factor : SFF
Format type (faceturl) : 512n
Format type (facet) : 512n
Drive technology (faceturl) : air
Drive technology (facet) : Air
Workload (facet) : Midline
Workload (faceturl) : midline
Form factor (faceturl) : sff
Form factor (facet) : SFF
Product dimensions (H x W x D) : 2.98 x 4.67 x 0.62 in
Weight : 3 lb
Warranty : Midline Hard Drives have a 1-year limited warranty regardless of the warranty period for the system in which they are installed.
Interface (faceturl) : sata
Interface (facet) : SATA
Drive Rotation Speed (RPM) : 7.2K
Drive Technology (Fill) : Air
Format type : 512n
Height : 0.62 in 15.6 mm
Carrier type : Smart Carrier (SC)
Workload : Midline

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