Verbatim Cf Card 1Gb

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The world has gone digital. Digital cameras, digital portable music, digital data - they all require a digital media which is small, lightweight, and cost effective. Verbatim's range of CompactFlash cards utilise solid state technology, so there are no moving parts and no sensitive handling issues. Ideal for use in any digital camera, MP3 player, PDA's and hand held voice recorders which have a CompactFlash slot. Verbatim's CompactFlash cards are fully erasable so they can be used many times over for accurate picture and music storage. The same card can be used to store pictures from your digital camera or used in MP3 players to store and playback your favourite audio tracks while on the move or relaxing in your home.


Brand Name: Verbatim

Product Type: CompactFlash

Storage Capacity: 1 GB


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